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The KissFAQ Podcast is a weekly chat show featuring members of the KissFAQ message board and other guests discussing a wide variety of KISS-related topics. Our objective is simple: Have fun chatting with other fans from around the world and hopefully entertain the KISS Army in the process. A gigantic "Thank You" to all of the participants on these episodes, and to YOU, the listener.

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Look! It's Rock 'N' Roll New Release Focus: Projekt Gemineye "In The Year 3073, Book II" (Oct. 25, 2020)

Julian is joined by Canadian Progressive Metal/Rock artist Mark Anthony K, the mastermind behind Projekt Gemineye, for an exploration of his new album "In The Year 3073, Book II" being released Nov. 7, 2020. The first single, "Sacred Sons," is out NOW! Pre-orders for physical CDs start Nov. 1. Check out the music, the artist, and their musical journey at: Bandcamp Listen HERE.

Look! It's Rock 'N' Roll Ep.016 - Sweet Desolation Boulevard (Oct. 23, 2020)

David, Mark, and Ken discuss the varying flavours of the Sweet's classic "Desolation Boulevard," an album chock full of glam goodness... Listen HERE.

Ep.328 - Updated "KISS in Japan!" (Oct. 21, 2020)

Julian is joined by Alain Bellicha, author of a new second edition of his book, "KISS in Japan," and also talk about, well, KISS in Japan! There's also a very special audio nugget played during this episode... The limited edition book is available for shipping now from 1 copy: 5,200 JPY; 2 copies: 9,200 JPY; 3 copies 13,250 JPY; 4 copies: 17,150 JPY... Listen HERE.


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