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The KissFAQ Podcast is a weekly chat show featuring members of the KissFAQ message board and other guests discussing a wide variety of KISS-related topics. Our objective is simple: Have fun chatting with other fans from around the world and hopefully entertain the KISS Army in the process. A gigantic "Thank You" to all of the participants on these episodes, and to YOU, the listener.

Newest Episode

Ep.449 - Looking Forward, Peering Backwards (Jan. 5, 2023)

We dig into the show's history, discussing some of the more popular/lasting episodes, while looking to the future, and other topics! Listen HERE.

Ep.450 - Topics from the Board XV... (Jan. 12, 2023)

Lonnie, Julian, Mark, and Ken tackle some recent topics from the board: Loomis a hero or villain, the Eric Carr lineup Alive III should have featured, would Ken touch another Kiss PPV with bonus merch, and more! Listen HERE.

Ep.451 - Studio Album Death Match #8 (Jan. 21, 2023)

Random songs from "Animalize" and "Hotter Than Hell," go head-to-head... Will any unmasked songs conquer an original lineup tune? Listen HERE.

Ep.452 - Topics from the Board XVI... (Jan. 26, 2023)

Lonnie, Julian, Mark, and Ken tackle some recent topics from the board: Celebrating KISS@50, likelihood of Vinnie delivering, was Gene right about Frehley's Comet, and more! Listen HERE.

Ep.453 - Poughkeepsie Bewm Live! (Feb. 4, 2023)

Daniel, Lonnie, Julian, Mark, and Ken talk the newly announced Poughkeepsie Off the Soundboard, Doc's podcast appearance, recent magazines and more! Listen HERE.

Ep.454 - Carnival of Tracks... (Feb. 9, 2023)

We're going topical, with Doc addressing the "tracks," Carnival of Souls versus Psycho, more board topics, and YOURS! Listen HERE.

Ep.455 - Inside the Popcorn Pub/Coventry (Feb. 16, 2023)

Julian is joined by Kiss Army Sweden Destroyer fanzine contributor Roney Lundell for a deep dive into his research into the Popcorn Pub/Coventry, where Kiss played their first ever show on January 30, 1973... Listen HERE.

Ep.456 - Topics from the Board XVII... (Feb. 23, 2023)

Lonnie, Julian, Ken, and Mark discuss recording with Gene at Abbey Road, Vinnie's Shredd, the Wig Wrangler lawsuit, and more! Listen HERE.

Ep.457 - Studio Album Death Match #9 (Mar. 4, 2023)

Random songs from "Monster" and "Unmasked," go head-to-head... This match-up could be interesting... Plus we discuss Kiss' 50-50 announcement and Howard Stern appearance... Listen HERE.

Ep.458 - Tickets / Carwashes / More... (Mar. 9, 2023)

We go live to discuss the previous week in Kiss World! Which means mostly tickets, last shows, and letdowns! Listen HERE.

Ep.459 - A Vinyl FAQ-OFF (Mar. 18, 2023)

Ken, Daniel, Lonnie, and Mark go through their vinyl collections for some of the pieces that are most special to them. Listen HERE.

Ep.460 - Rock 'N' Pod Interview Carousel, Part 1 (Mar. 23, 2023)

Ken, Julian, and Mark intro and review the first batch of Rock 'N' Pod 2023 interviews, featuring Rik Fox (WASP/Steeler/SIN), David Cathey, and Bob Chiappardi (Foundations Forum)... Listen HERE.

Ep.461 - Rock 'N' Pod Interview Carousel, Part 2 (Mar. 23, 2023)

Ken, Julian, and Mark conclude their review of Rock 'N' Pod 2023 interviews, featuring Anthony Focx, Sandy Gennaro (Blackjack), Marc Ferrari, and Jeremy Asbrock (Ace Frehley Band)... Listen HERE.

Ep.462 - Response to Vinyl Tag Challenge (Mar. 26, 2023)

Lonnie and Ken offer up KissFAQ's response to @TheRecordSpinner Vinyl Tag Challenge! Listen HERE.

Ep.463 - Ultimatums From A Silly Safe "Space..." (Mar. 30, 2023)

The KissFAQ pod crew discuss the best of Ken's Creatures shows, Joyce Bogart's interview on Three Sides, and Ace on Eddie Trunk... Listen HERE.

Ep.464 - Wobble Talkin' (Apr. 6, 2023)

Who on the KissFAQ crew managed to see "Spinning Gold," and what did they think. And we discuss Ace Frehley's latest appearance on Eddie Trunk... Listen HERE.

Ep.465 - Animals Live, Lies, and Audio Tapes (Apr. 13, 2023)

The KissFAQ crew review Poughkeepsie '84 incorporating guitar wars: Bruce versus Mark! Listen HERE.

Ep.466 - KissFAQ TV Live! (Apr. 20, 2023)

Talk about Kiss... From the board topics, or our live viewers! Listen HERE.

Ep.467 - Studio Album Death Match #10 (Apr. 29, 2023)

Here we go... the final album match-ups before we move on to more brutal elimination rounds... Random songs from "Carnival of Souls" versus "Hot in the Shade"... Listen HERE.

Ep.468 - No Apologies... For our Influences! (May 4, 2023)

Mark, Julian, and Ken talk about Kiss, but go a bit off topic... From the board topics! Listen HERE.

Ep.469 - Alive III, 30th Anniversary (May 11, 2023)

Lonnie, Mark, Julian, and Ken talk reminisce about the Alive III album, their hopes and expectations as purchasers in 1993... Listen HERE.

Ep.470 - Studio Album Death Match #11 (May 18, 2023)

The leftovers round... "Alive II" studio side versus "Kiss Killers"... AND the other studio recordings such as new "Smashes" songs thrown into the mix. Listen HERE.

Ep.471 - It's Kurtains for KISS... (May 25, 2023)

Ken, Mark and Lonnie take on some current topics from the board and Kiss happenings! Listen HERE.

Ep.472 - It's Kurtains for KISS... (June 1, 2023)

Ken, Mark and Julian discuss Vinnie Vincent's announced and renounced new singer, new shows, and other board topics... Listen HERE.

Ep.473 - KISS Gave "Covers" To You II (June 10, 2023)

Which is the best KISS cover of all time? Ken, Daniel, Mark and Lonnie rank Kiss' covers and elect the greatest. Listen HERE.

Ep.474 - So, They Still Say They Stink... (June 15, 2023)

Julian, Ken, Lonnie, and Mark tackle some board topics, from those who think Kiss stink in 2023, the worst KISS song that we secretly love, and more... Listen HERE.

Ep.475 - Studio Album Death Match #12 (June 22, 2023)

Wrapping up Death Match round 1 with the leftovers from the studio album matchups, after which we'll talk current Kiss stuff... Listen HERE.

Ep.476 - Feel Like Letting Go... (June 29, 2023)

Andy, Julian, Mark and Ken discuss downsizing KISS collections from their various perspectives and more...

Ep.477 - Studio Album Death Match #13 (July 8, 2023)

Thanks to YouTube viewer CardinalKickass pointing out the sins of Julien Math, we correct the omission of "Take It Off" from the album match-ups before getting into the first batch of song battles in Round 2 of the Studio Album Death Match...

Ep.478 - It's All About ME! (July 13, 2023)

While Daniel's out enjoying seeing a brace of KISS shows in Sweden, Julian, Lonnie, Ken and Mark get together to talk about their favorite KISS songs with the word I and ME in the title, plus some other topics from the board...

Ep.479 - Kissin' Mosquitos in Dalhalla (July 17, 2023)

Attendees from the Swedish KISS Army gather to discuss their final KISS at the magnificent Dalhalla in Rättvik. Hosted by Daniel.

Ep.480 - "Your" Ultimate ALIVE... (July 20, 2023)

Panelists pick 20 songs from any live era to construct their Ultimate ALIVE compilation album...

Ep.481 - Too Much or Not Enough? (July 27, 2023)

The KissFAQ crew take on some recent topics of discussion: Is Tommy Thayer Getting The Last Laugh? Post KISS Book, who will be 1st? Does Owning More Stuff Make You A True KISS Fan? And more!

Ep.482 - aliVe & Kicking (and Screaming) (Aug. 3, 2023)

Following on from ep.480, the panelists pick 15 songs from the last three KISS studio albums to construct a live album following the original alive series concept...

Ep.483 - Gettin' Kissteric... (Aug. 10, 2023)

Daniel, Ken, and Mark review the new "Mass Kissteria" book...

Ep.484 - Topics from the Board XVIII (Aug. 17, 2023)

This week, we take on some current topics from the board and Julian answer's some questions about the "Mass Kissteria" publication.

Ep.485 - Topics from the Board XIX (Aug. 24, 2023)

This week, we take on some current topics from the board including possible sale of the KISS "brand," anniversaries of WCW "Demon" and World Domination tour, and more...

Ep.486 - Studio Album Death Match #14 (Sep. 2, 2023)

Free-for-all round 2 batch 2 as we whittle down the remaining songs! And who knows what else we'll discuss!

Ep.487 - Unspooled with Tim Durling (Sep. 7, 2023)

Author, and host of Tim's Vinyl Confessions, Tim Durling joins Julian to discuss the new printing of his "Unspooled: An Adventure in 8-Tracks" book available on Amazon now. https://tinyurl.com/mryed9td

Ep.488 - We Go Psycho! (Sep. 14, 2023)

In this celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Psycho Circus," Julian, Ken, Mark, Daniel, and Lonnie gather to pass judgement on the album's contents and reenvisage the release from the additional recordings from the sessions to surface...

Ep.489 - Topics from the Board XX (Sep. 21, 2023)

This week, we'll discuss some of the album anniversaries taking place and tackle some topics from the board and elsewhere!

Ep.490 - Topics from the Board XXI (Sep. 28, 2023)

This week, we'll discuss the reaction to the "Psycho Circus" merchandise and tackle some topics from the board and elsewhere!

Ep.491 - Topics from the Board XXII: Double Platinum II (Oct. 5, 2023)

This week, the Chairman of the Board has suggested a "what if" topic, which we'll discuss... we'll also tackle some topics from the board and elsewhere.

Ep.492 - Death Match #15 (Oct. 12, 2023)

After covering this week's KISS news, we continue the KissFAQ song death match with another batch of songs going head to head...

Ep.493 - Under the Influence (Oct. 21, 2023)

Daniel, Ken, Lonnie, Mark, and Julian discuss some the the things in life that have influenced them the most, those KISS-related and those outside that narrow confine!

Ep.494 - The Final 25.. 24... 23... (Oct. 26, 2023)

In this live episode, we'll discuss the start of the final 25 show run, and Lonnie's final KISS!

Ep.495 - Quick Review: KISS @ 50 book (Oct. 26, 2023)

Julian review's Martin Popoff's new "KISS @ 50" book, available now from booksellers and Amazon.

Ep.496 - Metal Mike's Hair Metal Journey (Oct. 27, 2023)

Julian talks with 80's Glam Metalcast host Metal Mike about his new book, A Hair Metal Journey available on Amazon now.

Ep.497 - Buffalo Rock City II (Nov. 1, 2023)

Julian goes behind the scenes of the stunning new Buffalo Rock City II tribute album with KISS This WNY's John Jeffrey and song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound mixer David Julian.

Ep.498 - Board Topics & More... (Nov. 2, 2023)

With Julian in LA for the Hollywood Bowl show, Mark, Ken, Daniel, and Lonnie take on some recent topics involving fraud, imbeciles and more!

Ep.499 - Going Bowling For Kiss & More... (Nov. 9, 2023)

Julian gives his thoughts on Amber Wild and Kiss at the Hollywood Bowl, and we'll tackle some current board topics.

Ep.500 - No End in Sight... (Nov. 18, 2023)

The KissFAQ Podcast celebrates 500 episodes with a look back, look forward, and guest viewers...

Ep.501 - The Kiss Riff (Nov. 23, 2023)

Guitar warriors Daniel and Mark explore unmasked era Kiss riffs...

Ep.502 - After the Final Kiss... (Dec. 2, 2023)

We go live to discuss the impact of the Final KISS performance at Madison Square Garden with those there and watching the pay-per-view...

Ep.503 - Satisfaction Lies in Illusions (Dec. 7, 2023)

The KissFAQ crew discuss current Kiss & Related topics and more...

Ep.504 - Death Match #16 (Dec. 16, 2023)

Continuing the free-for-all round 2 as we whittle down the remaining songs! And who knows what else we'll discuss!

Ep.505 - Reflecting & Expecting... (Dec. 21, 2023)

The crew look back at their favorite moments of 2023, and look forward to their biggest hopes in 2024... and more!

Ep.506 - Kiss Versus... (Dec. 28, 2023)

1980s Kiss albums versus other band's offerings for each year. Did Kiss win any match-ups?


Travel back in time to our earlier episodes! A gigantic "Thank You" to all of the participants on these episodes, and to YOU, the listener.

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